Learn To Read Hebrew

Learn to Read Hebrew (LTRH) is an innovative advancement from Magic Yad’s Hebrew chanting application for the Livescribe smartpen.   LTRH combines a phonetic approach to learning Hebrew with a smartpen that allows students to “have their teacher with them,” anytime and anywhere.

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Principles behind the LTRH method

Developed by experienced Hebrew educators, LTRH helps the student rapidly zero in on correct Hebrew pronunciation.  Hebrew naturally lends itself to being learned phonetically, and this is the approach taken by LTRH. After he has mastered the mechanics of reading, the student can then learn vocabulary, linguistics and grammar.

Students know that “their teacher is always with them.”  They’ll no longer have to wait to get feedback on how well they’re doing. They can record and compare their voice with the teacher’s as they advance in their practice. This can promote a significantly higher rate of progress than is currently being experienced .

Along with learning to read, the student is taught how to write Hebrew letters and words using the companion writing module workbook.

To see an example, go to “Try It Yourself” page.


Magic Yad’s LTRH has two products

1)  Reading & Writing Modules and loaded with LTRH software application in a new Livescribe smartpen

2) Reading & Writing Modules and software application with instructions for customer to upload into an existing Livescribe smartpen

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