Hebrew Chanting

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Magic Yad’s Hebrew Chanting application uses is a pen-sized stylus which can record, store and play back more than 100 hours of audio.

It is loaded with the pre-recorded audio of a professional cantor or teacher chanting any verses of Torah or Haftarah. The student’s Torah and Haftarah booklet is printed on special paper, and will be formatted to ease the learning process. There are marks (placed at the beginning of trope phrases) to indicate where audio playback is to begin when touched by the Magic Yad.

There are additional tappable icons to facilitate learning: the student can chant a phrase, he can hear his last try, he can compare his version with the teacher’s, and he can slow down the audio to fine tune pronunciation and cantillation.  To learn more, go to the How Magic Yad Hebrew Chanting Works page.

To see an example, go to the “Try It Yourself” page.

Professor Josh Jacobson, world-renowned authority on Hebrew chanting