Cantors and Educators

Why is using the MAGIC YAD so compelling?

Learning is reinforced using multiple modalities — visual, auditory, tactile, and vocal.

Using the Magic Yad will be an ideal complement to your in-person lessons. It’s a way for your students to always have their teacher with them.

The tight feedback loop optimizes the process

  • Listen to the teacher
  • Record their own voice practicing
  • Compare themselves with the teacher
  • Repeat the process

Your students will love how easy it is to practice and learn.

Your students may be so turned on to this method of learning that they will want to tackle more now and in the future.

For the Chanting application we provide the Torah text printed both with and without vowels and trope, like the Tikkun.

For the Chanting application we can customize the student’s portion with your voice — all we need is a recording (that can be uploaded onto our website).

And it’s simple – click here “How Do I Get One” … on the sidebar to the right, follow the procedure to do a Work Order to create a portion using your own voice.

Watch these videos with personal experience from teachers and cantors.

Melissa Rogoway, Education Director, Congregation Etz Chayim, Palo Alto, CA

Cantor Gaston Bogomolni, Temple Aliyah, Needham, MA: