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I really enjoyed reviewing the MagicYad app for the Livescribe pen- here is my post enjoy- wished I had one when I was studying for my bar mitzvah!…

New “magic” pen helps struggling Hebrew readers

JCN – Jewish Community News of Silicon Valley (scroll half-way down page)

Magic Yad is a software application for the Livescribe smartpen…

Magic Yad gears up with new products

The new High Holy Days application is now available at Pricing begins at $40 for Magic Yad’s “standard” cantor’s voice and at $50

Palo Alto man helps develop ‘magic‘ pen that chants Torah

The Magic Yad looks like one of those fountain pens kids used to receive as bar mitzvah presents. For information about Magic Yad, visit

A high-tech pen rescues the bar mitzvah challenged

Alan and Claudia Greenfield demonstrate the Magic Yad, The Magic Yad comes with customized booklets that include the various blessings for Torah and …Boston Jewish Advocate

A New Yad for the Bar-Mitzvah Set –

Nov 18, 2009 Teaming the smartpen with Magic Yad software empowers the device to The Magic Yad system relies on Torah and Haftarah portions that are

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Getting a Hand-le on the New Technology in Bar and Bat Mitzvah

It’s called a “Magic Yad,” and unlike the traditional ornate Yad, or hand, used to follow the words as one chants from the Torah, the Magic Yad is a gray

Pulse Smartpen Gets Its Own App Store by PC World: Yahoo! Tech

Nov 19, 2009 Almost everything in the store is $2.99 or less, but there’s one notable exception: Magic Yad, an app designed to help kids study the Torah

Here’s the Point | MitzvahMarket

By Bonnie

Well, technology has come to their rescue and yours in the form of the the Magic Yad. This new software application is used along with Lifescribe’s Smartpen. The pen works like an electronic torah pointer or yad. …

MitzvahMarket –

Interesting Snippets of life in Israel: Vignettes No 288

By Vignettes
The year 2009 brings new technology to the trauma of having to learn the rather unmelodic Maftir and Haftarah with the advent of the Magic Yad – based on the traditional and essential ‘pointer’ shaped like a forefinger, to read from the
Interesting Snippets of life in Israel –

Livescribe :: Store :: Magic Yad Package – Vayera Torah 3
What next? A pen that speaks your sedrah to help you learn the leining…http:// What a world.

Biblical Studies and Technological Tools: Encyclopedia Judaica Online
By mgvh
The Magic Yad (which gets its name from the Hebrew term for the pointer used to keep one’s place in the Torah) consists of Torah and haftarah portions printed on the special dot paper. When an aspiring Hebrew learner clicks on a
Biblical Studies and Technological Tools –

Livescribe Smartpen Gets an App Store

By James Kendrick
Did you miss the Magic Yad Package? It’s almost $100! If anyone wants to get the pen and accessories in the UK, they can be found at: Wish I was on commission.— 4:36 PM on November 19,

Apps and an App Store for Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen | Technologizer

By Harry McCracken
Almost everything in the store is $2.99 or less, but there’s one notable exception: Magic Yad, an app designed to help kids study the Torah for their Bar or Bat Mitzah. You use it with Torah passages printed on Livescribe’s special
Technologizer –

Livescribe’s Pulse Pen Gets App Store | Gear Diary
By Dan Cohen
and a series of apps to help with the traditional chanting of the Hebrew Bible (called Magic Yad: Hebrew Chanting Made Easy). Still, it is great to see the functionality of this awesome device extended through the addition of apps.
Gear Diary –

Livescribe pen gets an app store
The one that caught my eye the most was the priciest app–the $99 Magic Yad application, which works to help those studying for their bar or bat mitzvah.