Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Hebrew Chanting

Effectively immediately, Magic Yad cannot accept any orders for new standard pieces, custom text or custom voices for our products.  However, for items shown “available” on the web site and custom items previously created, contact us with the specifics and we’ll get back to you with pricing and availability.   

Use our new email address:

415-205-0179 (Pacific Time)








1)       Is the Magic Yad intended for purchase by individual families or by synagogues or other institutions?

The Magic Yad is currently designed for purchase and use by individual families.  As the Magic Yad does have the capacity to store many portions simultaneously, we’ll be working on “institutional” versions in the future.

2)      Does MagicYad replace my Cantor or teacher?

Absolutely not!   Magic Yad complements your teacher and helps improve the learning experience for the student.

3)      Can I download other Magic Yad portions (and obtain booklet pages) in the future?


4)      Can I buy just one aliyah?

“Yes,” but due to the fact that we have to commit a minimum amount of time to any customization, we have to charge for three aliyot.  Why not have someone else try a portion — or perhaps do an additional one yourself?

5)       Will Magic Yad be offering other than the standard group of Haftorot and Torah portions in the future?

Yes.  We plan to offer a “High Holiday package” for next year — to include all of the Torah aliyot and Haftorot for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Additional possibilities that we’ve been asked about include portions of the Siddur, the Megilot, etc.


1)      I just unpacked my Magic Yad.  Where do I start?

In the Magic Yad Booklet, review the Getting Started page.

To get oriented to the Livescribe smartpen, review the Livescribe Getting Started Booklet.

2)      How and when do I get Customer Service from Magic Yad and/or Livescribe?

Contact Magic Yad  if chanting from your smartpen doesn’t seem to work, e.g. you’ve charged the pen, turned on the pen, and attempted to tap on verses or phrases and the chanting doesn’t work or responds differently that what you expect. or 415-205-0179 (Pacific Time) or 781-799-3213 (Eastern Time)

Contact Livescribe if you have problems with: functions of the pen with the blank notebook supplied by Livescribe , operations related to the Livescribe desktop software, updates for the pen and desktop, or installation of Magic Yad software from the Livescribe Applications Store ( or 877-727-4239)


1)      How do I hold Magic Yad to operate the chanting?

Hold Magic Yad like you would hold any ballpoint pen (at about 30 degrees from the center).  Tap gently on any underscore for a trope phrase, on any number for a verse, or any page number to hear the entire page.   Go to to learn more about pen positioning.

2)      Can I just play my Hebrew text a word at a time?

A syllable at a time?  If you are focusing on a word or a syllable, we suggest you slow down the “playback speed” setting at the bottom and tap “pause” appropriately to study a word or a syllable.  Then press “replay” to hear the same word or syllable again.

3)      How can I get my teacher’s voice on my Magic Yad?

Review the information  on theHow Do I Get One page at   You’ll need your teacher’s voice in a digital recording (typically, MP3 format) and our website will guide you how to upload the voice file(s) or you can mail us a CD.




1)      My MagicYad seems not to do what the Getting Started/User Guide describes?

Contact us at 415-205-0179 (Pacific Time) or 781-799-3213 (Eastern Time)  and we’ll go over what needs to happen.

2)      How do I get support on the Livescribe SmartPen not related to MagicYad?

Contact Livescribe at or 877-727-4239

3)      What do I do to recover if I get an error message on the display on the pen?

Write down the error message in case you need to contact support.  First, turn the pen off and then on.  If the problem repeats, contact Magic Yad (if the message is related to words with phrases, verses or chanting) or contact Livescribe directly.  Always feel free to contact Magic Yad.

4)      What are  Magic Yad’s support hours and Livescribe’s support hours?

Check the respective web sites for the most current support hours.  You can always leave a message by phone or by email.  Magic Yad will try to respond within several business hours.


1)      How can I learn more about the features of the Livescribe smartpen?

The Livescribe Starter Notebook that you received has introductory information in the cover and initial pages.  Go to and review the wealth of videos and articles.

2)      What else can I do with the smartpen after I’ve purchased a Magic Yad?

There are many additional applications!  Besides “Paper Replay,” an excellent note-taking application from Livescribe itself, visit the Livescribe online Applications Store (  to see many other downloadable apps for your smartpen.

3)      Is the Magic Yad’s standard voice Askenazi, Sephardic, etc.? Cantor Bogomolni describes his trope as “90% Common Ashkanaz.”


1)      I lost my Magic Yad booklet. How do I replace my specific booklet that has my Torah or Haftorah portion? Contact us at and we’ll tell you how quickly we can get the replacement to you.

2)      How do I get supplies for the Livescribe smartpen (paper, pen, etc)?  Go to

3)      Magic Yad reminds me  of the LeapPad (from LeapFrog).  Why?  The inventor of the Livescribe smartpen was also the inventor of the  LeapPad products.