Hebrew Chanting: How Do I Order My Portion?

Effectively immediately, Magic Yad cannot accept any orders for new standard pieces, custom text or custom voices for our products.  However, for items shown “available” on the web site and custom items previously created, contact us with the specifics and we’ll get back to you with pricing and availability.   

Use our new email address:  themagicyad@gmail.com.

415-205-0179 (Pacific Time)

This page describes Magic Yad products for Shabbat portions for Torah and Haftarah.  For High Holy Days, click here.

When you order your portion from us, we will create a customized booklet for you.  It will include your particular Torah and/or Haftarah portion(s).  All booklets with standard products  also include Torah and Haftarah trope exercises, the b’rachot (blessings) for an aliyah to the Torah, and the b’rachot before and after the Haftarah.

A “Standard Portion” is  approximately one-third the verses of the full traditional parsha (as defined in the groupings of verses under “Find Your Verses”).  A Standard Portion is chanted by Magic Yad’s cantor, Gastón Bogomolni.

You may order:

(1) a Standard Portion (as defined in the groupings of verses under “Find Your Verses”);
(2) a subset of a Standard Portion;
(3) a customized set of verses and/or customized text;
(4) a Magic Yad customized with your teacher’s voice with verses that you require.

When you are ready to place a Work Order, follow the procedure at the right (on this page).

Below is a table to help you determine what your price will be.  If you need more verses that are listed in the table, contact us for a quote.

Note: You will need a Livescribe smartpen.  

[Pricing effective 1/1/2014 and subject to change at any time.]

 All Custom Products & Standard Products Not Available  Custom voice  Custom voice & text
  1-20 verses



  21-40 verses



  41-60 verses $195 $225
  1-10 verses



  11-20 verses



  21-30 verses



Livescribe smartpen 2GB loaded with Magic Yad 



For custom voices, you may follow the procedure under Work Order at the right.  Or contact us and we will provide instructions on how to upload your teacher’s recording.